Friday, March 28, 2014

Huggies Little Movers #firstfit #mc #sponsored

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Huggies. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own.”

Most days, this is what I see when I change Mateo's diaper. A blur of movement and the back of his head! 
It can be quite frustrating as he's trying to stand up and go or roll around for me to pin him down long enough to change the diaper.
Back when Sophia started darting about when I changed her diaper (and I was pregnant with Nicholas) I switched to pull ups for her so that it would be easier on me, so when I was contacted about doing a review for Huggies Little Movers, I was so excited as these are specifically designed for little babies on the move! 
And let me tell you, I'm sold! And way better than pull ups for my moving baby! This means they have the amazing absorption of a regular diaper, but have the agility and mobility of a new walker in mind! Seriously for me, a perfect combo! 
Some of the selling points for me are that they feature the leakage protection of the Huggies Leak Lock System and have stretchy sides for comfort and great fit.
They have the quick absorbing layers and a long-lasting core to lock in wetness and keep my little guy dry and prevent leakage!  But my favorite selling point is this:
amazing tabs for easy removal and disposal. The only other type of diaper I've tried like these are pull ups and I've never had one with a tab! By far the best part for me as it makes clean up  a breeze with no worries about anything falling out! It just wraps up nicely and stays that way! Hooray! 
Mateo is changed and ready to explore again in no time and this has definitely decreased my frustration with changing him! And I've already been spreading the word to my other mama friends and I'm excited to share these with you as well! 
And just because they're so great, Click on this link  to receive $1.00 off any package of Huggies Slip-On Diapers AND if you share the link with friends, you can save a $1.50! Even better!*
For more information on these great diapers, visit

Do you find it hard to change your little ones? If you have a the secret to always keeping them still, I'd love to hear it! :) 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm currently sitting here enveloped in the Frozen Soundtrack that seems to play nearly 24/7 in our home. 
We're late to the Frozen frenzy. When I first saw the preview for this movie, I was not that impressed to be honest. It looked cute, but nothing spectacular, so I dismissed it. Maybe it was because once I knew it was about sisters, I wondered whether my boys would be interested...
It wasn't until I was watching the Oscars last month, not knowing anything about any of the movies nominated, that I decided to look more into the movie. I'd read some stuff on the movie, heard rave reviews from friends and kids we know, but until the Oscars, didn't  really pay that much attention to it.
Since it's available digitally for purchase, we got it this past weekend. 
Sophia had asked me about getting it, but I really wanted it to be something we watched together.
Sophia was so so excited that we were finally getting it! 
Sunday afternoon, we all sat down to watch it as a family. 
I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that I loved it...that the entire family, including the boys, loved it! 
And I do love it! But for so many more reasons than just for the great singing, cute Olaf and good story line. 
I love how it teaches about love, emotions and accepting who you really are and being brave enough to face the situations in life that would be so much easier to run away from.

Having a tempestuous daughter, this story is one I'm happy to refer to when she's struggling with something. She LOVES this movie and I've found that it provides great teaching moments.
Does she get all the ins and outs of what "Let it Go" means right now? No...but I love using it as a reference.
Also, can I just take a moment and say I love that there's no evil/scary part to this movie other than the snow monster! It really is a breath of fresh air from Disney! 
And, quickly gaining on my other favorite, Beauty and the Beast! 

So, better late than never, right? :)
Have you seen it? What did you think?

Thursday, February 27, 2014


I saw this quote the other day on instagram and immediately resonated with it. Original author is unknown, but what a statement. Simple, but oh-so true! 
Yesterday was one of those days. It was Lucas' birthday and my goal was to have fun and celebrate all day...but my children didn't get that memo and were anything but compliant in the morning. 
After battling with them, my whole body ached (and we hadn't battled physically mind you) and all I wanted to do was go lay down and take a nap so soothe my aching heart and body...

...but I also knew that wasn't the I prayed. Prayed for my attitude and that we would have peace the rest of the day and thankfully, the afternoon went much better! 

Last night, as I sang songs and prayed with Sophia, for bedtime, she confessed that she needed God's peace as her heart felt yucky.
We prayed and then sang praise songs together. 
It was a beautiful way to end a difficult day.
So this morning I vowed to start our day off with praises and being intentional in our gratitude and thanksgiving to Jesus.

So thankful that He is patient with us as we try to figure out this parenting thing. And also so so thankful that each new day brings new mercies and grace.

Be brave, parents and lean not on your own understanding. 
God is faithful! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Lucas...On your 3rd Birthday

Dear Silly Boy,
I cannot believe you're three today! I can hardly remember a time when you weren't a part of our family and our lives. 
You have just exploded with life this past year and it's been so much fun watching you! 
You have learned new and amazing ways of expressing yourself and entertaining those around you.
My most favorite thing is to just sit with you and talk. You are so excited about EVERYTHING and it just brings such joy to my heart to watch you live life. 
You may play hard to get at first...and when people meet you, they might think that you're shy...but as soon as you warm up to them..."watch out!" 
You find great delight in making others laugh and you are such a sweetheart.
My favorite phrase of yours is "I lub you too mami" because you don't just say "I love you" you say "I love you too" which is your way of saying "I love you" but it's just so matching of your character. You have no doubt that I love you and am crazy about you and it's in those sweet moments when you tell me you love me that it's like you know my heart is saying "I love you Lucas" and you're just responding. 

Because Mateo and you take naps at the same time, but his crying would wake you up too soon, You've started taking naps in Mami and Papi's room. This time each day is probably one of my favorite times....You curl up, put the covers up to your chin and then make sure Mami is covered too. Then, I sing you songs and tell you to close your eyes and you wait for that and then turn and face the wall. You fall asleep in the smallest little ball and in those quiet moments I'm just so thankful that I get to be your Mami. 
You are so strong. You've fought harder than many and overcome so many food/allergy related obstacles that first year of your life and it's just such a joy to watch you grow and develop and learn and explore now that we know what affects you and we steer clear! 
You love with your heart wide open. 
That's how you live life too and I am so blessed to know you. 
Thank you for all the times you remind us that we need to pray for our food and all the times you come hold my hand. 
I love you sweet, silly boy! You are the best Lucas in the whole wide world! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Big Boy!! We love you so much.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mateo's Birthday Party

We had so much fun celebrating our littlest guy! 
Friday night, also Valentine's Day, was his real birthday so we had a little party with him at home.
He enjoyed his first intro to cake! :) 
My favorite picture is the one with the tongue hanging out! He did that the entire time he played with the frosting. Too cute! :) 

Sunday, we had a family party. It was small with just family, cousins and close friends, but it was a perfect way to celebrate his first year of life.
I debated on a theme for quite a while, and couldn't get away from an owl. He got an owl hat when he was first born and I thought it would be fun to enter his 2nd year of life with a new owl hat! Kim over at City Girl Creations made him such a cute one! I am a tiny bit obsessed with him wearing it! :) 

I debated whether or not I should put the fondant on his cake. When that's all he wanted to eat, I took it away. You can see how happy he was about that! :)  

We love this little boy so much! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Smash Cake 1 Yr Pictures!

I am so excited about these pictures! 
What a fun morning having a good friend snap some pictures of my sweet little guy! 
Hope they put a smile on your face! :) 

Isn't this last one just precious? 
My all time favorite! 

Hope you're having a nice weekend! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweet Mateo

My Sweet Mateo,

Tomorrow you will be one. It sounds so cliche but it's so hard for me to believe. This year has flown by so fast...too fast. 
But sweet boy, you joining our family has been so amazing! You have blessed us in ways I can't even put into words. Your sweet, peaceful presence has calmed my heart, comforted your siblings and provided solace. 
You are one of the happiest babies and it's just so much fun watching you take in your surroundings.
You love to snuggle with mama but at the same time, you squirm away as there is just too much to discover and not enough time! 
Watching you interact with your brothers has been so fun! Every day you play a bit more and react and respond to their playful wrestling more and more like a little boy and it brings such joy to my heart to hear you squeal with laughter but also squeezes my heart a bit as you're getting so big so fast!
A year ago at this moment, the doctors were deciding that it would be best for mami to have you a month early as I was not getting any better. You came unexpectedly, but filled a hole in our family we didn't even know existed. 
I cannot imagine life without your sweet presence and I'm so thankful that God blessed us with your little self! 

Happy First Birthday, my little Mateo. 
We love you so much! And can't wait to see who you become this year!