Friday, March 9, 2012

homeschool curriculum

I had a double major in college: Intercultural Studies & Christian Education. While not straight education, I learned about childhood development, child psychology, lesson plans and curriculum. I wrote two separate curriculum while in college, one for elementary kids and the other geared more towards discipleship of youth/young adults. I learned how to do it and did it...but there's something about my children's education that terrifies me and makes me feel completely inadequate in regards to curriculum preparation. I'm sure once I get rolling in homeschool and get used to it, I'll be able to do it more and more, but for now, even though I'm just concentrating on Nicholas for now, I needed someone to tell me what to do each day/week.

So while homeschooling him has been on the back burner as I've tried to work to get Lucas better, I feel like I can now concentrate more of my time and energy on that. I scoured my resources and found a pretty cheap option for me that is Bible-based and focuses on teaching your child to be a servant/blessing to others. I love that idea, especially as we work towards moving back into NYC to do that full time. It's been on my mind for months to just get it, so I finally took the plunge and am so thankful for the ideas it gives and the creativity it sparks in me.

We officially started doing it this week and I'm already happy with how it's working and how much it motivates me to keep finding other things to do with Nico. 

My favorite thing is that throughout the week, it teaches your kiddos to think of others, pray for others and do something for others. It just so happens that one of the kids' favorite people has a name that starts with an "A" so it was extra exciting for them to think about doing something for Ashley. While Sophia isn't doing the curriculum with us, I'm bringing her in on the other things, like praying for the people, being a blessing to others and learning the word for the week. It seems appropriate as we've been dealing with attitudes recently that "A is for Attitude!"

I did find that the memory verses were a bit long for Nicholas at 3, so instead, I used this resource from I Can Teach My Child

Here are a few pictures of this week and what we did. I'm excited to keep developing the curriculum for our needs and learning alongside my kiddos! 

It also has gotten me more and more excited about homeschooling both of them come the Fall! 

"A" is for: animals, attitude, abraham, apples, apple bread, Ashley...

If you're interested in this curriculum, you can find it HERE


  1. What an awesome idea to start to teach the alphabet with Faith in the word and caring. Best of luck on the homeschooling journey.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm definitely using your blog as a Spanish resource! Excited to implement that part as well! :)


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